Opening Louvre Roofs

200 Super Roof

  • Largest spanning roof on the market.
  • Ideal for coastal areas & high wind zones
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260 Translucent

  • Rectangular blades - Naturelite infill
  • Allows soft light to filter through each blade
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Med Twist

  • Ability to add side blinds, glass doors & lighting to create a complete outdoor room.
  • 135 degree twist motion.
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STUDIO SERIES 200 Super Roof

  • Our most popular roof with our shortest lead time
  • Four popular colours available
  • With a supporting frame and posts or built into your existing frame
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Opening louvre roofs are a versatile addition to residential and commercial properties. They are constructed from the hardest wearing materials making them suitable for coastal areas and high wind zones. In addition to providing all year round comfort and control, they require very little maintenance and have the option of being retro-fitted into existing structures (Louvretec only) or designed with a custom frame.

If you're searching for a new roofing option for your patio or balcony, a louvre roof system may just be the unique alternative to help enhance your outdoor entertaining lifestyle.

Gibus Med Twist - New product release

Introducing the 1st opening roof designed by Gibus.
Unique 135o twist motion with ability to add lighting, sliding glass doors or outdoor blinds for a complete room solution.


Louvretec Opening Louvre Roofs

Largest spanning roof on the Australian market.
The 200 Super Roof is capable of spanning up to 4.5m (single module) in winds up to 179km/hr, making it the largest spanning roof on the market and ideal for high-rise, coastal and cyclone prone regions.

Control sunlight, shade, ventilation & weather.
The blades can be rotated to allow full sunlight to flow through, or be partially opened to provide shade and ventilation. Louvre blades can be stopped at any position throughout the 180o rotation allowing for control and flexibility.


Spiral Pivot System (exclusive to Louvretec roofs)
The Spiral Pivot System is the heart and soul of a Louvretec opening roof. Sitting within the frame and hidden away within the aluminium extrusion are injection moulded spiral gear bearings. These big low geared, self-lubricating, UV resistant bearings have been specifically engineered to provide a powerful 180 degree rotation to each louvre blade. The system was awarded a gold medal at the Plastic Design Awards, New Zealand and is exclusive to Louvretec products.


Suitable for Extending outdoor areas, patios, rooftop terraces, alfresco dining areas.
Brands Louvretec: 200mm Super, 180mm Classic, 180mm Linear, 260mm Translucent
Gibus: Med Twist

Extruded aluminium (frame, blades & gutters)


Motorised (240v motor with remote control)

Manual hand crank


Dulux Durraloy / Interpon D1000 (Louvretec)

DecoWood (Louvretec)

Charcoal Grey, White, Ivory, Bronze or Stainless (Gibus)


Rectangular & irregular shape (Louvretec)

Multiple module (Louvretec & Gibus)

Warranty & installation

5 year manufacturers warranty.

Installation included in all estimates & quotes