Zero+ Zip: Fabric is fixed to front profile bar and side tracks. It is held in place with hidden zips which run along either edge, and slide into the guides to eliminate any light gap. Stainless steel springs ensure the fabric remains taut in windy conditions.

Zero+ Slide: Fabric is fixed to front profile bar which extends along the tracks. These run underneath giving the flexibility to have the bar and fabric cantilever up to 500mm on either side if desired.

Features & Benefits

  • An architecturally and aesthetically superior shade structure - perfectly suited for outdoor areas, pergolas and conservatories.
  • Suitable for residential, commercial or hospitality applications.
  • Ability to fix to the wall or ceiling. 
  • Front bar extends the fabric along the guides which rest on a custom designed front crosspiece structure.
  • Fabric secured in side guides (Zip model) ensures there are no ‘blow outs’ or gaps - best option for windy conditions and light rain.
  • Fabric and front bar have the ability to cantilever up to 500mm either side if desired (Slide model) - fabric edges are visible.
  • Extruded aluminium housing protects and prolongs fabric life when the awning/roof is retracted.
  • Frame, side guides and housing available in a large range of powder coat colours.
  • 15o inclination required to ensure water run off.
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Motorised (240v tubular motor) with remote control and optional wind/sun sensor. 


Model Min Width Max Width Min Projection Max Projection
Zip 2,000mm 5,000mm 2,000mm 5,000mm
Slide 2,000mm 4,500mm 2,000mm 4,500mm
Wind Resistance Classification 
Class 3 Resistance to winds that exert a maximum pressure of 110(Nm) or 49(km/h)                                                 

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