The Scrigno 250 cassette awnings are designed to provide optimum sun and weather protection whilst complimenting any external facade with their minimalist appearance. The unique folding arm design means that the awnings do not require any posts or frames and therefore keeps the area below them completely free from obstruction. The awnings provide complete coverage, and when not use they retract neatly back into an enclosed cassette which protects and prolongs the fabric life.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides sun & weather protection for patios, terraces, balconies & outdoor areas.
  • Sealed cassette - closes to protect fabric & components when retracted.
  • Robust design with heavy-duty folding arms - excellent fabric tension & support.
  • Pitch control allows the awning angle to be adjusted - optimal protection & comfort.
  • Front rail gutter ensures water run off – unable to accumulate on the awning fabric.
  • Quality anti-corrosive materials (extruded aluminium & marine grade stainless steel)
  • Versatile mounting brackets – attach awning to ceiling or wall.
  • Wide variety of fabric colours, patterns & styles to choose from.
  • Frame available in Dulux Durralloy & Interpon D1000 powder coat colours.
  • Add sun/wind or motion sensor.
  • Add a Raya LED light bar (sits underneath awning - attached to wall)
  • Ability to add sign writing/branding for businesses (outsourced)
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.


  • Manual (hand crank)
  • Motorised (240V tubular motor)


Model Min Width Max Width Min Projection Max Projection
Scrigno 250 2400mm 5500mm 1500mm 3000mm
Wind Resistance Classification  
Class 2 Resistance to winds that exert a maximum pressure of 70(Nm) or 38(km/h)
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  • Scrigno 250