Orchestra Range

Orchestra and Orchestra Max are the fabric of choice when it comes to solar protection, guaranteeing excellent, long-term protection against UV rays, heat, glare and inclement weather. Its solution-dyed Sunacryl acrylic fibres and special Cleangard outdoor awning treatment give them exceptional long-term colour fastness and superior resistance to tearing, water damage and dirt. Orchestra and Orchestra Max fabric is recommended for all types of awnings including commercial and hospitality aplications.

Features & Benefits

  • Sunacryl 100% solution-dyed acrylic - the colour is locked right into the very core of the fibres during manufacture.
  • Exceptional long-lasting, ultra vivid colours.
  • Fabrics are stabilised giving them ability to maintain original shape & size.
  • Suitable for permanent solutions with high exposure to climate changes & pollution.


  • 77 vibrant colours & patterns
  • Surface is treated with Cleanguard which creates a water barrier & prevent dirt from build up.

Orchestra Max

  • 35 vibrant colours & patterns
  • Coated on one side with an anti fungal, UV resistant acrylic resin, reinforcing its water resistant properties
  • Surface is treated with Permaclean which makes dirt bead up & roll off.
  • Self-cleaning, UV resistant acrylic & waterproof.
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  • Orchestra Range