Cristal PVC

Cristal PVC utilises a newly developed welding method which is virtually invisible.

The new weld negates the need for the “standard” 25mm overlap and/or stitched seams.

The fabric retracts more smoothly on the roller and does not become stretched or damaged as there is no double thickness.

The fabric is pre-stabilised using infrared, prior to welding. Improved fabric stability helps fabric to remain flat, reducing rippling and undulations.

Unique tensioned side zip guide (11.QU or 13.QU straight drop awning) eliminates fabric blow-out and provides superior protection against wind and rain.

Features & Benefits

  • Virtually invisible seam
  • Protect from weather and maintain views
  • 2 year warranty on Cristal PVC


Type 11.QU 13.QU
Minimum Width 1,500mm 1,500mm
Maximum Width 3,500mm 4,500mm
Minimum Drop 1,500mm 1,500mm
Maximum Drop 2,500mm 3,000mm
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  • Cristal PVC