Would you like to control your louvres, blinds or opening roof from your smart phone or tablet?

Would you like to control your louvres, blinds or opening roof from your smart phone or tablet?

The Somfy myLink is “Plug and Go” technology, meaning you simply insert it into a power socket, download the app and you’re ready for setup.

The system is designed to be retro-fitted to all your RTS motorised products, so you can do away with excess remotes and move control of your home to your favourite device 

But the Somfy myLink isn’t just a remote control – it is a home automation system. This means that you can create timed events and scenes that can on daily or weekly loops.

Some ideas, for example:

  • Automate your blinds to open 15 minutes before your alarm goes off, which will gently ease you into the morning. Closed blinds will keep out the morning sun, allowing you to get the most sleep possible, and waking up in a well-lit room will help you to switch on faster and start your day.
  • For opening roofs, close the roof in the early evening to protect outdoor areas from excessive dew that may fall overnight. Set your system to open the roof again in the morning so that the sun can dry out any damp areas and keep your outdoor room clean and healthy.
  • Consider the orientation of your home. If your home receives a lot of western sun, set the system to close shades on that side of the house in the early afternoon. That way, your home will have maintained a cool temperature throughout the day, saving you switching on the air conditioner when you get home from work.
  • The system can also close shading solutions for short or long periods during the day, allowing you to keep your home ventilated, but also protect soft furnishings and art from damage caused by direct sunlight.
  • If you have RTS-enabled lighting, you can even set the kids’ bedroom lights to turn off when they leave for school – no more wasted energy throughout the day!

An added benefit of the Somfy myLink is that you can use your smart phone to control the system from anywhere . . . not just from inside your home. This means that from your desk at work, a restaurant on a night out or from your hotel room in another country, if you have internet access (either mobile data or wireless internet), you can control your blinds, louvres and awnings at home.

Although sophisticated, the system is inexpensive, currently priced at just $438.90 and with no hardwiring or tricky installation required.

Visit our showroom for a demonstration at 117-119 McLachlan Street, Fortitude Valley or call (07) 3852 2999 (Brisbane) or (02) 9584 1905 (Sydney).

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