What is a retractable fabric roof?

What is a retractable fabric roof?

What is a retractable fabric roof?

A retractable fabric roof is a pitched flexible cloth awning braced by extruded aluminium profiles. The fabric provides UV protection and is usually waterproof, creating a versatile sun, weather and privacy protected outdoor space.

It looks like this:

Med Quadra Residential

And most of us have never seen anything like it, which explains why you might call it something different, such as an opening roof, retractable awning, retractable shade cloth, extendable shade awning, canvas roof or even a sliding canopy!

Why are they so popular?

  • Retractable fabric roofs are the ultimate tool for creating versatile indoor/outdoor spaces. The roofs can be opened to expose dining and living areas to the sky overhead, as well as sunshine and breezes or closed to protect from rain, excessive heat/UV and wind. Partial opening offers the best of both worlds.
  • They also have many customisable features, from size and colour to design and configuration. Each of our roofs is custom-designed to fit your space.
  • They perfectly top off an outdoor room. Add walls, doors or blinds to a retractable roof for a comfortable indoor/outdoor space that feels like outdoor living.
  • They can be installed along with a pergola structure or retro-fitted to an existing structure.
  • They can span large areas.
  • They are suitable for residential and commercial applications.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean, with weather-resistant fabrics and powder coated aluminium frames.
  • With integrated guttering and downpipes, they are more slimline than traditional pergolas.
  • They can be fitted with luxury features such as lighting, heating, Bluetooth music capabilities and automation (remotes and sensors).

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