Making the most of your outdoor spaces

Making the most of your outdoor spaces

New research suggests that the quality of outdoor areas is a major factor considered by Australian homebuyers, across all property types.

Not only can it be a determining factor in the sale of a property, but a considered and well-finished outdoor area can add significant value.

Domain identified that for a home valued around $1 million dollars, an outdoor area such as a deck or terrace can easily add up to $100,000 value in a buyers’ eyes, while the accompanying landscaping could equate to upwards of $50,000 more. Agents also believe that anywhere between $40,000-$100,000 can be added with façade improvements.

“Adding an outdoor living area that leads off the indoor entertaining area can make a big difference to value,” says Simon Pilcher of McGrath Inner West.

“There is a definite trend towards upgrading outdoor areas to more indoor outdoor living,” says Builder Dean Harris, who has been renovating homes for nearly 30 years in Sorrento, Victoria. “The money spent on a well-designed all weather area brings its returns when the sale sign goes up. The outdoor area is an emotional driver for buyers. They see the area, imagine themselves using it and already they are sold on the lifestyle it offers.”

You can create an all-weather solution with an opening roof, which, when open or in motion will have that emotional effect on buyers.

Opening roof at Kingscliff

This Kingscliff home has had an opening roof as part of the plans from the outset. Contrasting the powder coat colour of the blades with the frame creates and impact and would be memorable for potential buyers. It also flows beautifully off the main house, while maintaining a space of its own.

Brisbane couple, Will and Karlie, took the major title on The Block in 2016 with their ground floor apartment, which boasted a garden in addition to the outdoor terraces of their competitors above. Their auctioneer, Biggin and Scott’s David Lack, attributed their success at auction to the ground-floor position, outdoor entertaining area and house-like proportions.

This is a lifestyle and architecture style that Australia is a world leader in, Domain also reports, with Queensland a natural forerunner, according to Brisbane architect Shaun Lockyer of Shaun Lockyer Architects.

“We have a longer legacy of that and the prevalence of Queenslanders as our vernacular helped, whereas living in Melbourne and Sydney was always more compartmentalised. But now we’re seeing the outdoors become a fundamental part of homes’ design there too, rather than as something just built and tacked on to the outside.”

Bardon, Brisbane home with louvres in outdoor living area

One of Shaun Lockyer's homes incorporates our Kiss Pivot Louvres to maintain air flow and ventilation in the double-height outdoor living area. See more of the Bardon residence on Shaun Lockyer Architects website.

This isn’t just isolated to freestanding homes, either, with finding that 46% of Queenslanders looking to buy a new unit are most interested in those with outdoor entertainment spaces, with a further 26% identifying landscaped gardens with barbecues a key factor.

Deck area with shutterguard for privacy

In this instance, our customers required a solution to enclose their back deck, protect from the elements and provide privacy from the neighbouring unit block. Operable Shutterguard was installed prior to their sales campaign as they felt it improved the outdoor area and love the result.

No matter the location or size, to maximise the value of your home, experts agree you must consider the following:

  • How well does the space integrate with the indoor areas? Does it flow on effectively?
  • Is the outdoor space comfortable in most weather situations and can it be used for most of the day? Is there ample space, airflow, shade and amenity.
  • Does it enhance the property? If your outdoor space detracts from the rest of your home, it may do more harm than good.
  • Does it have the “wow” factor? And we mean something that will wow everyone who sees the space. If your wow statement appeals only to you, this will deter buyers, so think of a broad market of target buyers and ensure that fixed features such as fountains and pergolas aren’t too dramatic or dominating. 

If you have been thinking about adding to your home or improving an outdoor entertaining area, Vanguard specialises in sun, weather and privacy protection solutions and custom-make all products to suit your needs.

To see all these options and more, visit our showroom in Fortitude Valley. We can talk through your needs and create a solution for you to add value to your home.

For more information, contact us or request a quick estimate.

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